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101 Reasons Why I Love Coaching

Updated: Feb 9, 2023

1. I love coaching! Coaching current clients, past clients, non clients or not yet clients! It’s all an honor, a privilege, and a joy!

2. I love all parts of coaching. It’s the most joyful and creative profession! Here are some of the parts.

3. I love the first moment of a coaching session! I love saying hello and creatively telling them about how I love life and that I am in a great mood - like telling them, “I’m on top of the world!”

4. I love finding out their fun updates! Their celebrations of big and micro wins! Even the tiniest wins!

5. I love when they tell me how the coaching is working! “Nathaniel, this is making a heck of a difference!”

6. I love asking them what they want to work on.

7. I love asking them what they want to get out of a session.

8. I love finding out what they really want to work on!

9. I love finding out about the essence of what they want!

10. I love when they tell me how resourceful they have been.

11. I love when they are laughing.

12. I love relaxing them!

13. I love taking the pressure off!

14. I love talking in metaphors. I love making connections to restaurants, waiting tables, bartending, improv comedy, acting, or sports! They love when I bring up improv!

15. I love when they talk about what they want and why they want it!

16. I love when they talk about why they believe they could get what they want!

17. I love when they realize they already have some success. Something to build on.

18. I love when they see something they never saw before. Or never looked at their situation in that way before.

19. I love when they think the coaching they are receiving is fun and a blast! Self improvement can be enjoyable!

20. I love the compliments for themselves or other people or for me, their coach that come up in the middle of a session or after a session.

21. I love when everything in a session is coming full circle.

22. I love when what was said in the beginning of a call comes back around and makes sense at the end.

23. I love when we are wrapping up a session. And I ask where do we stand? Or how did we do?

24. I love when they summarize their insights! I love when they tell me they feel better! That they know just what to do now.

25. I love asking them to title the session like a movie or show is titled.

26. I love how they perfectly title the session.

27. I love saying see you next week. Or making an appointment to talk again. I love when we aren’t quite finished and schedule a part two.

28. I love when we are complete.

29. I love when it’s our last session.

30. I love when they have graduated from coaching.

31. I love telling them to reach out to me during the week.

32. I love reminding them to use me during the week. They have access to me and it’s part of the service. They can text me, email me, Voxer me. They can call and have spot coaching.

33. I love when they take me up on this. I love the messages, the voice notes, and sometimes the videos!

34. I love it when I think about them during the week.

35. I love reading a book and thinking about them.

36. I love having my own coaching session and thinking of a client during my own session. And how I can help them.

37. I love telling them I have been thinking of them.

37. I love sending resources, and inspiration their way.

38. I love giving them gifts. A reminder. A book. A video. An audio. A toy. I’ve sent someone a Shakespeare doll before!

39. I love when they are stuck and need help.

40. I love helping them feel better.

41. I love that they can share with me what’s going on. Even things that are disappointing.

42. I love when they cry or tell me they cried. And I have compassion for them.

43. I love being loving, benevolent, kind, gentle, and compassionate.

44. I love being lighthearted.

45. I love being humorous.

46. I love being playful.

47. I love being confident.

48. I love not taking their problems seriously.

49. I love being solution focused.

50. I love that I can see things clearly.

51. I love having a light touch.

52. I love not working too hard

53. I love not forcing a coaching session, or relationship.

54. I love learning how to coach someone better. The more we work together the better I am at coaching them.

55. I love knowing that everything is working out.

56. I love knowing that they are smart and capable and have their own inner coach.

57. I love knowing that all is well with them and me.

58. I love knowing that we are spiritual beings. And bringing it back to - we have a spirit. We are not alone.

59. I love the power of positive thinking.

60. I love optimism.

61. I love when coaching a client, I am also coaching myself.

62. I love how the clients' insights are also insights for me.

63. I love knowing everything is possible.

64. I love knowing the past has no power.

65. I love knowing that feeling good is both the path and the target!

66. I love knowing that what they want is coming!

67. I love that coaching lasts forever! The insights are good for the rest of your life. They might have an aha from our coaching 20 years from now.

68. I love using what I call billionaire words. Words like Joy, Light, Love, Harmony, Play, Fun, Creativity, Artistry, and Genius. Any positive word really that is fun to say.

69. I love when someone new reaches out to me. I love the connection!

70. I love asking why they are interested in coaching. Why me?

71. I love asking—Why are we working together?

72. I love that we are partnering together.

73. I love that we respect and honor each other.

74. I love when a client has a ‘f$&ck it’ attitude!

75. I love talking about the law of attraction and deliberate creation.

76. I love writing down all of the positive aspects of my clients and potential clients.

77. I love focusing on my ideal client. The qualities of an ideal client.

78. I love finding out their superpowers.

79. I love not being a traditional coach. I have an alternative approach. A lighthearted approach!

80. I love trusting the timing. My timing. Their timing. The Universe’s timing.

81. I love when a client leaves or doesn’t end up working together and I have the attitude of ‘plenty more where they came from’.

82. Or I was looking for a client when I found them.

83. I’m not afraid of disaster. I love that I can fail good-heartedly!

84. I love that I will apologize if I make a mistake. I love owning my mistakes. I love that I will make things right.

85. I love that I will redeem myself if necessary. I am good at recoveries.

86. I love learning. And getting better. And learning what I would do differently next time. I love the craft!

87. I love the money part! I love that I am a professional coach. I love charging for my services. I love the prices I come up with. I love when they joyfully pay! I love when they joyfully give me a bonus!

88. I love having a money conversation. I love finding out how they feel about what I charge.

89. I love not being attached to working with anyone. I love that I will never pressure a client to work with me!

90. I love saying that to them— I am not attached.

91. I am always truly rooting for them and want the best for them.

92. I love knowing that they wish they could work with me. Finding out, if money wasn’t an issue, do they want to work with me and commit with time and energy!

93. I love knowing they could work with me later. They are a ‘not yet’.

94. I love that there is no shortage of clients.

95. I love not comparing myself to other coaches. I love my uniqueness. I also love other coaches! They are brilliant and inspiring!

96. I love how intentional coaching and a coaching practice is. You get to set an intention. Intentions are powerful!

97. I love how coaching is an opportunity for me to practice loving myself. To practice being on my own side!

98. I love enthusiasm! I love enthusiastically going for it! With a running start! I love the life force that flows through me! I love the spirit that wants to be expressed through me and my coaching!

99. I love that coaching first starts in my mind! I created it all with a little vision in my mind! And whatever else I want to create will first start as a little baby thought in my mind!

100. I love that BEING is my job! And the ‘HOW’ is the universe’s job! And my job is to keep the vision and the universe will make it happen! I can’t be still! I will be inspired! My life will transform! Words, actions, results will be expressed! Magic will happen!

101. I love knowing that I love the profession so so much that I can easily think of 100 more!

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