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A Few Life Lessons from Steve Chandler

Lighthearted Coach Scribbles

1. So many things I have learned from The Godfather of coaching, Steve Chandler! I went to his Coaching Prosperity School 6 times in a row! I could honestly give you a new lesson everyday for a year!

2. But here are a few cool Steve Chandler concepts that first come to mind.

3. Coaching isn’t psychotherapy! It’s not serious. It’s like a party. And you can freely and generously invite people to it. Not because they are broken and need help with their intense, complicated problems but because it’s fun, simple, relaxing, and entertaining.

4. Seeing new possibilities is fun! Feeling new freedom and new creative power is fun! Reinventing yourself for the fun of it—is fun! Prospects, clients can be addicted by how good it feels!

5. When I was Bartender Nathaniel, Steve told me everyone that sits at the bar when I work can know I am a coach. From behind the bar, I could call out, “Hey bar peeps, what do I do?” And they would all in unison reply “LIFE COACH!”

6. It’s easy to talk to people. They aren’t ALIENS. Coaches are always wondering what to say to prospects as if the prospects aren’t humans—As if you have to explain to them how Earth works. No, there is an easy universal language.

7. What should you say to get them as a client? Be honest, make sense, say normal things. Keep talking. Be curious. Take your time with people. Use phrases that relax people. Let them hear the LIFE in your happy voice! Enthusiasm makes others enthusiastic.

8. No matter what people we are talking to, we can be amused by those characters in our head. They could be crazy, freaking out, complaining, whining, criticizing things, yelling at us. But in our head, we are eating popcorn as if we are watching one of our favorite TV sitcom characters. And they are being funny as usual! “Oh that Monica! She is such a neat freak!”

9. And it doesn’t matter if this person is a boss, boss’s boss, employee, celebrity, colleague, co-worker, client, idol, friend, frenemy, stranger, elder, strange elder, neighbor, spouse, secret crush, mayor, or family member.

10. We can refuse to suffer over how other people are acting and treating us. No one can upset us. No one has that power. Only thoughts can upset us. It all occurs at the level of story. And stories are optional. We can pick stories that feel better. Like the story that this person in front of us is amusing not annoying. We can tell that story. No suffering needed.

11. One time when I was barely scraping by money wise, and although I was coaching and making some money from coaching I wanted to quit. Steve said to me, “You are so close! So close! Just don’t stop. Stay on the path. You are a good coach and lots of people love your coaching” and even had told Steve they liked my coaching. Again he said, “you are a good coach so don’t stop.”

12. So that’s one of my favorite concepts is to stay on the path! To be optimistic about the path. And have fun on the path. Coaches quit comically too early.

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