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"Nathaniel comes from an alternative reality! I look forward to talking to Nathaniel every week because he reminds me negative thinking is a habit that I can move out of. Reach for the next better-feeling thought!! (Why didn't I think of that!) Here's what my partner says about my work with N. (They've never had a coach and is skeptical about the cost and efficacy of coaching). Now they say, "When do you talk to Nathaniel next?" "Did you tell Nathaniel?" "What did Nathaniel have to say?" They're relieved when Nathaniel's on the calendar because I get happier, lighter and easier about things. If you ever get stuck in habitually patterns of negative thinking and need it lovingly challenged for a year until it sinks in, so you can have 70 years of happiness, why wouldn't you coach with a funny, far-out, wise, relaxed, guy who can help you?! (Oh, yeah, and I tripled my income in the past two months, so...there's that too...)

Diane R.

"Nathaniel is a very special coach. His biggest gift is his open heart and his innocence. He truly embodies the term SERVICE. He is a master at connecting with others. His genuine nature invites the best from other people who light up in his presence. Nathaniel knows how to create and nurture an environment of play and humor which has significantly helped me lessen the effects of social anxiety and stress. I am blessed to know Nathaniel and I have learned very much from him. If you are looking for a blend of the qualities described above, look no further and work with him."

Daniel H.

"Everything that you want in life, you want because you believe that you will feel better when you have it. Take the shortcut and hire Nathaniel instead.

Nathaniel is the ultimate in creativity and spirit! His sense of joyous playfulness will infuse you with new life and a readiness to pursue your dreams from a place of ease and flow. He will teach you how to feel better and as a result, everything positive in your life will gain tremendous momentum.

If you are serious about improving the quality of your life, call him!"

Nicole P.

"It was always my dream to be a comedian, however I was crippled by self-doubt as a youth.  Nathaniel was my first improv teacher.  I felt very empowered taking his class, as it gave me inspiration, tools, and experience to put under my belt before pursuing my dream in a bigger city (not to mention it was super fun!).  I eventually moved to Chicago to chase that dream. I was accepted into Second City's Conservatory and then went on to become a standup comedian.  I struggled with balancing work life with standup, as well as confidence.  Luckily, I was able to work with Nathaniel in his life coaching sessions.  I trusted his direction and, man, did it boost my productivity!  He helped me not to stress, manage my time, make smarter career moves and dare to experiment!  I highly recommend his service for anyone who could use help turning their dreams into reality!"

Sarah M.

"Thank you Nathaniel for pushing me beyond my edge in preparation for my TEDx talk. When we started working together I did not expect so many blockages to come up for me. It was great that they did and your ability to coach me through them with humour, tough love, patience and creativity was exactly what I needed. I loved all the techniques you shared with me from the world of theatre. I don’t think I could have got those anywhere else. I used to think doing a talk was just a question of standing on the stage and winging it. You helped me take my message from bland to brilliant. Your commitment to me throughout the process was nothing short of total dedication and you knew exactly what I needed to keep me practicing, practicing, practicing and learning so much about myself along the way. I definitely would not have delivered the TEDx talk in the way I did, had it not been for your support, your challenges, your ideas and your brilliant way of making it fun, even through the painful moments. And I gained so much more than the speaking techniques. You had the insight to see beyond what I could see for myself and you had the intuition to ask me exactly the questions I needed to be asked along the way. You coached the fears and inner critic out of me and I gained a new courage, freedom and confidence that will serve me in many situations beyond this one. You are a gifted coach and I have told many people about my experience with you - you are a gift for any client who finds you."

With deep gratitude, Aileen G.

"It has been a life changing experience working with Nathaniel.  He has helped me to begin the process of breaking negative and non-productive attitudes and thinking patterns that prevent me from reaching my fullest potential.  He reminds me that I don't have to take everything so seriously, which lightens me and helps me to enjoy life more and to make decisions that really work for me.  Nathaniel's coaching helps me in both my personal life and with my growing business.  I think he is a very talented and gifted guide and coach and I highly recommend him for aiding in finding your hearts path."

Megan B.

"Coach Nathaniel has the amazing ability of waking me up to my own strengths, resources and wisdom in the most challenging situations. Whenever I'm feeling lost and overwhelmed, I know that when I have a coaching session with him, my problems transform before my eyes into fun puzzles and challenges to play with and grow with. 

His playful and fun energy, along with his improv skills to say YES to whatever is going on and build on it, make each and every session with him a lighthearted adventure into the depths of who I am and who I can be."

John S.

"The coaching sessions with you started powerfully and reliably focused on my strengths and where to focus.

When ever I thought I didn't have anything good to report (about me) and didn't have any successes worth mentioning, you showed me with your clear orientation where the truth lies.

Oh yes! I do have successes and wins. Many of them. And many more since I work with you.

You are always on my side!

If someone is looking for a coach who encourages him/her, then they are in the right place with you.

That has been one of the greatest discoveries - how much I take for granted about myself.

With you, I've learned to look even better.

You patiently remind me when I miss it.

For example, the fact that I am manifesting something (no it’s not ‘coincidence’), new opportunities, collaborations, clients, etc.

In you I have a coach with the connection to the higher and highest self.

You know the tricks of the ‘gremlins’ and stay calm, serene, joyful and focused on your and my true self.

It feels more and more stable, due to the fact that in the work with you, the alignment stays consistent. Consistently positive. Consistently directed towards what is true.

No matter what ‘issue’ I brought to the sessions, our conversations always gave me surprising and groundbreaking insights. I always left with a good feeling.

It is also very supportive for me to be able to send messages in between.

Thank you so much for the good feeling guidance, your consistent support, your loving company and empowerment.
I appreciate you and your cheerful spirit very much. Thank you.

Oh, and if anyone doesn’t know: It’s also a lot of fun to have you as a coach!"

Marlene F.

"I took a 10-week session with Nathaniel in the fall of 2016 and loved it! He is a fantastic coach and his style was adaptive to participants of all ability levels. He had variety at each class (the warm-ups were always my favorite part!) and he really wants to help everyone succeed at letting loose and stepping out of their comfort zone. Especially helpful were the smart connections he always pointed out from the improv world to the business/real life world. Great way to end my weekend with a bunch of laughs."

Nina F.

"Have you ever wished you could be a kid again? Well stop wishing & take Nathaniel's class! There's always all kinds of silly games, running around, & when you're not running around you can set on the floor just like in kindergarten. Once we even played a game where we hit each other with balloons! Everywhere else you have to act like a mature responsible adult, but not here. I've taken 3 classes so far & it's been fun each time!"

Dennis F.

"This class is awesome!! Nathaniel is a very warm, fun- loving and open person. I've always felt comfortable in every one of the twenty-plus classes I've taken with him. Coming from no background in theatre or improv, I quickly discovered the basics of what makes a scene interesting and funny. The exercises he chooses mixed with his observent coaching keep me interested and encouraged."

Lauren S.

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