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1.  I failed out of the Ohio State University after two years and it set me up beautifully.


2.  My personal transformation journey began when I went on my first Native American vision quest through Animas Valley Institute at the age of 20.


3.  I went to an amazing liberal arts school - Prescott College - where I majored in Theatre and minored in Human Development. My favorite class was Liz Faller’s Opening the Creative Mind.

4.  In college, I met my wife, Jessica. We did theatre together and have now been married for 15 years. We live in Sedona, Arizona and have two boys - Sebastian who is 14, and Xavier who is 11.

5.  Jessica, Sebastian, Xavier and I are all actors with Laark Productions - performing live professional Shakespeare a couple of times a year. 


6.  I studied the Meisner Technique at the Houde School of Acting, and studied improv at Second City, Chicago, The Hideout Theatre, Austin and Synergy Theatre, California. I have also studied privately with Master Improv Coach Jay Sukow. 

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7.  I Studied at Sharon Wilson’s Coaching From Spirit Institute becoming a Spiritual Life Coaching, then at Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy becoming a Law of Attraction coach. I completed both Jason Goldberg’s Serve Your Way to Wealth Program and his Competition-Proof Business Academy and SIX ROUNDS of Steve Chandler's Coaching Prosperity School learning Advance Client Systems. I am part of Jeanette Maw's Master of Creation Circle. I am currently studying coaching mastery and deliberate creation with Dominic Scaffidi. 

8.  I am an Abraham-Hicks SUPER FAN. I have been deeply studying The Teachings of Abraham for 17 years. They are my favorite teacher!


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9.  I have been vegan for over ten years. I am drug free.  I don't drink the slightest bit of coffee or  alcohol and No, I’m NOT boring!


10.  I love dolphins and the laughing Buddha.