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Law of Attraction Coaching for Coaches:  Build your Business with Humor and a Light Heart

I work with spiritual, conscious, service-oriented coaches who are mostly thriving with some niggling worries, doubts and fears. They are taking things so seriously, they are sucking out all the fun.  

Lightening up is the key to success in this profession. 

When you approach things in a light hearted way…

You effortlessly attract more ideal clients, without the hustle and muscle

You attract more money and abundance

You attract people who want to help you meet more clients and make more money!

I’m not a traditional business coach.


Traditional business coaches dive straight into problem solving, strategy, time management, and niching but they miss the one thing that ensures you never get drained, strained, or sick and tired of what you do...ENJOYMENT. 

If you don’t enjoy your business, you might resent it, quit it or kill it! 

If you’ve been heavily investing in programs on client creation, sales training, marketing, etc...and you’re not getting the results you want, or you’re getting the results but it’s draining the heck out of you — let’s talk.

Let's get you some relief. We’re going to focus on your strengths, gifts, and talents. We’re going to look into how you have been successful in the past and in other areas.  We’re going to talk about things that get you energized, inspired, and moving in the right direction. We're going to focus on getting addicted to the process! You will love playing in your business. You will leave each coaching session feeling like a badass. A hero! 

And from that higher vibrational place, you will start feeling better on the subject of your coaching business. You will be having so much fun you won't be in a hurray anymore. And start attracting what you want out of it! 

About me - The Lighthearted Coach
  1. I failed out of The Ohio State University after two years and it set me up beautifully. 

  2. I ended up graduating from a hippie school--Prescott College. My major was Theatre.

  3. I met my wife Jessica there and we have been married for 16 years. 

  4. We have two boys Sebastian 15 and Xavier 13.

  5. We now live in the vortex--Sedona, Arizona. 

  6. We act in Shakespeare plays together. We were all in The Merry Wives of Windsor. 

  7. We are a vegan family. All four of us plus my parents have been vegan for 11 years. 

  8. I am an Abraham-Hicks Super fan. I have been studying their teachings for twenty years.

  9. I have studied Improv Comedy for over twenty years too, applying the wisdom to my coaching.  

  10.  Coaching with me is like having a Ted Lasso/Jack Black hybrid in your corner, believing in you 100%.

“Nathaniel's genius is his capacity to create transformation through levity even with the most apparently serious problems.”

Kelly G.

“Every week you help me move from what isn’t happening or working to what IS happening, what IS working, and how I can build on that and create more of what I want. You’re like my sensei of positive focus, and our sessions are like going to the dojo. Thank you for the impact you’re having on my business and my dating life.” 

Donna O.

“I left our session with a bucket full of inspiration and clarity, and I went into my first day of my new job with clear focus and strong intentions, and bossed my first week. I feel like a rockstar.”

Sheba A.

"There's a certain levity around our sessions that inspires me to show up with the same joy and lightness for myself. We're not just talking about strategies or tools, we are exploring the vibrations of our BE-ing!"

Donni S.

About you - 

You’re a heart-centered coach and solopreneur that has bouts with perfectionism, procrastination and pessimism. For sure this is your calling and higher purpose. You're a born uplifter. You've been doing this for awhile and you'd love to be free of self-doubt and self-criticism for a change, and you love the idea of joyfully building and expanding your business. You sometimes think about quitting and doing something else just to end all of the heaviness, “have-tos” and hopelessness. 

About Me...again: 


I’ve been there. I wasn’t always The Lighthearted Coach. I wasn’t playing my way to prosperity. I was playing victim. I was coaching from insecurity. I would feel threatened by other coach’s success. I would tell myself a laundry list of reasons I couldn’t succeed. I totally had a scarcity mindset. I would focus on how I NEED money. Basically, I would feel like shit thinking about my business. I would say “I hate it!” and “I’m screwed!”  I used to think I had to be “impressive” and I was loaded with fear of it all falling apart.  I hired a lot of coaches and went to a lot of schools to learn to relax, chill out, and trust that the universe has my back. And here’s what I learned:


You don’t need to muscle your way there, scare your way there, or beat yourself up all the way there. 


What you really need is to have a sense of humor. Enjoy the process as much as the goal. Feeling good is both the path and the target. 

My lighthearted approach


I believe that being lighter about it all is the path to success, following your joy, following your inner guidance, looking for things to appreciate, and that the answers lie within. The more playful you are with your practice, the less resistance you have. 

I think that you don’t have to do your business like anyone else to succeed. You can break all the rules. We’ll find what excites you, what comes from your inner business expert, change how you work so your energy stays high, and give you permission to stop doing things that drag you down.

Ready to brighten your business?

Lighthearted coaching may be exactly what you need if you…

Are up for fun, creative exploration of expanding the business and clients.

Prefer to consciously create your coaching practice, aligning with the law of attraction.

Are ready to link up with higher forces and let the universe light up the path.

Are willing to build on your strengths and see things the way your inner being does.

Transformation Package
6 months of coaching
24 one hour sessions
It's that simple.

* Sessions take place via phone or Zoom

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