I am a happy coach in a happy profession living a happy life! I am a World Famous Master Law of Attraction Coach.


I am also a charismatic actor, comedy improviser and positive theatre games teacher. I help people create their own reality. Just like a director helps actors reach their full potential to give a dazzling performance onstage—I bring out the best in my clients to be the stars in their own lives!


Known as The Lighthearted Coach, I believe in playing your way to a prosperous life. I coach people on business, spirituality, relationships, health and creative projects.


If you want to keep your eyes on the prize, see opportunities everywhere, reinvent yourself, link up with higher forces, accelerate your growth, make your everyday life work, create more money, transform your beliefs, lighten things up, think of creating in simpler terms, do things in a relaxed way,  go for your dream, get your soul to talk to you, do some visioneering, apply that LOA book you read, or laugh for no reason--email me.